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Welcome Katie

We were delighted to Welcome Katie Toal as our new Head of Practice in October. Katie has responsibility for ensuring our services for children and families are delivered safely and good outcomes are achieved. She also has overall responsibility for safeguarding and ensuring good practice is embedded throughout the charity. Katie says

“I’m now 6 weeks into my journey with Welcare. Since moving to London from my native Ireland 5 years ago, I’ve spent the intervening years working as a child and family social worker in both Southwark and Camden local authorities. In this time, I’ve worked in several different frontline roles, including a stint as a school-based social worker in a local Southwark secondary school. Whilst I am passionate about social work and believe there is an important place in society for the profession, my experience has taught me the value of early intervention and preventative work when it comes to empowering families for change. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of an organisation such as Welcare who work hard to deliver research-informed and creative interventions with children and families in a non-judgmental way”.

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