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Prayer Wall

Send in your prayers and we will share them anonymously

Welcare is a Christian charity, and our work is underpinned by prayer.

Many staff, children and families we work with, schools and churches have requested that we share prayer requests more widely and we created a prayer wall to reflect the hopes and fears of the community we serve.

Please send prayer requests to and our staff will post requests on the wall. We only offer prayers for those who have given their consent and never share names or identifying personal circumstances.

A Prayer for Welcare

Living God, you have made us in your own image and we live and grow best in companionship with others: bless the work of Welcare with parents, carers and children. May Welcare staff, volunteers and supporters continue to provide places and spaces where trust is grown, understanding enabled, relationships developed, new confidence found, and potential released. Amen.


I hope the world shall stay together in harmony.

Thank you

Thank you for everyone who helps other people.

Please give all the teachers and parents and people who support children the power to reach out and help

My fear

My fear is fear itself. And feeling like I have none, like I am alone.

My hopes are to live a happy life and have a bright future.

And that Welcare keep doing the great things they are doing with families everywhere

A kinder and fairer world

I hope that as we emerge from the pandemic we find the power to build a kinder and fairer world, where people show love and respect to one another and care for each other. Lord in your mercy hear our prayer.

I hope…

I hope that my sister can find the strength and bravery to support herself and her children through the difficulties they face


I pray that God will hear our prayers for Ukraine. I hope that the world will love others with more care for others. I hope Christians keep their faith

Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for your continuing provision for Welcare.

Bless the Welcare team.

Bless the families who are served by Welcare.

As Welcare reach out to families in their time of need I pray knowledge of your love for them will be known and give them hope & peace.



I pray that Welcare may have the funds to employ more staff so that they can help more people who have needs.

For those suffering

For all those suffering in whatever way – please bring them specific comfort. For all that is joyful. Please let this be shared and experienced where it is needed

For a brighter future

I pray for a brighter future for all children both locally and abroad, that they may all have access to food, education and a happy homelife.

For families

Prayers and hopes for all families struggling at the moment.

You are not alone.

Please ask for help when you need it.

World peace

Pray for world peace, that the government does more for nature biodiversity, prayer and support for all in need.

Prayers for Pakistan

Please pray for all the people of Pakistan as they deal with the devastating floods and the loss of lives, homes and crops. May we be filled with compassion and reach out in love.

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