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Every child has the potential to be their own superhero.

#CapeAbility is founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero. The campaign  encourages positive mental health and well-being for children and young people, while raising awareness of the work of Welcare amongst a new generation of supporters.

The campaign uses the metaphors of capes and superheroes to encourage children to thrive, to care, to inspire others, and to recognise their own individual strengths and talents, and so become superheroes themselves. 

For the Autumn term, we turn to #CapeAbility at Christmas, with extra resources (below). In current times it’s more important than ever for children and young people to learn how they can be positive and resilient.

This Christmas please don’t donate toys to Welcare.  We would prefer your support for our Families In Crisis Campaign.  By donating to the campaign our staff can provide the right kind of support to children and their families.

Through taking part in #CapeAbility students will connect with stories of children whom overcame challenges and were able to thrive in spite of difficulties. They will learn ways in which they can be caring and supportive towards others.

#CapeAbility will help children develop key strengths, to build their emotional well-being, and go on to inspire their peers and families to have healthy relationships.

Who can take part?
If you work with children up to the age of 13 you can take part (this includes religious and non-religious schools, Junior churches and other groups). and you are welcome to select which story and activities you would like to focus on.

When does #CapeAbility run?
You can use our resources and send us your inspiring superhero capes at any time.

What do I have to do?
You can pick and choose from our lesson plans and activities to find what works best for you. 

Does it cost to use your resources?

No, but we do ask that organisations using our resources forward information to parents about how they can support Welcare.

What else can I do to support the #CapeAbility campaign?

Please share this page with schools, churches, parents and teachers who you think would be interested in taking part.

Lesson plans and activities

The themes above are highlighted in the six lessons produced by Welcare and endorsed by Fiona Foreman (RE Adviser & Wellbeing, Mental Health and Character Education Adviser at Southwark Diocesan Board of Education).

Lesson plans

The lessons are based on 2 stories, one Bible character and a real life example from the work of Welcare with a local child or family. The characters are portrayed as superheroes and we learn about their stories, the difficulties they face and how they cope. Each story focuses on one positive mental health characteristic which is followed through the lesson and all the following activities.

As a teacher you can select which activities and which story/stories you would like to focus on. The stories are followed by a discussion and a range of activities that you can use, as appropriate.

You can find more details on how you can run the Campaign, for fundraising activity ideas and general superhero activities below:


Our CapeAbility activities are based on empowering children to use the mental health attributes they have learned. There are practical activities to empower children, and also activities through which they can help others and pass on their strengths.

If you are a headteacher or a Junior Church leader, and would like more information about CapeAbility for Schools and Churches, get in touch via

#CapeAbility is founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero.
Every child has the potential to be their own superhero.

If you would like to make a donation to support our campaigns, please click on the link below. We couldn’t do the work we do without the valued help of our supporters.

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In place of giving gifts this year, please donate to our Families in Crisis campaign. All donations will directly go towards tackling the increasing cost of living for the families we work with. Your financial donation will allow our staff to provide the right kind of support to the children and families we work with, and help them access essential items that they need.