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CapeAbility for schools

#CapeAbility is founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero.

#CapeAbility is founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero. The campaign uses Bible and Welcare superhero stories to encourage positive mental health and well-being for children and young people and to raise awareness of the work of Welcare amongst a new generation of supporters. Anglican and Methodist schools will be able to use these lessons as part of their SIAMS assessment.

#CapeAbility will help children develop key mental health strengths to build their emotional well-being so that children can go on to inspire their peers and families to have healthy relationships.

In light of the school closures, children not being able to attend school, we would like to present you a virtual way forward for the campaign. Children can be encouraged to make a cape out of recycled materials (such as old bedsheets and T-shirts) and decorate it at home. They will be asked to write encouraging messages to those in isolation and to the most vulnerable on their capes. Photos of the capes can be sent to and they will be shared on social media to spread their messages.

The lesson plans can be delivered on virtual platforms or they can be sent directly to the parents and the parents can be encouraged to complete them with their children, thus creating a closer bond between them. The stories, the discussions and the activities can be used at any time from now in order to help children process what’s going on around them. Schools will receive information about Welcare and how parents can support vulnerable families in need which they can forward to all the parents and donations can be processed directly online.

Who can take part?
If you work with children up to the age of 13 you can take part including religious and non-religious schools and you are welcome to select which story and activities you would like to focus on.

When is #CapeAbility?
The Campaign will run between 18th May-19th June 2020 but we won’t turn you away if you would like to run it another time.

What do I have to do?
The children will create a cape from recycled materials and write inspiring messages on them. Parents can complete the lesson plans and use the activities with their children, they will be sent information about Welcare and how they can support vulnerable families.

Does it cost to use your resources?
No but we do ask that you forward information to the parents about how they can support Welcare.

What else can I do to support the #CapeAbility campaign?
We would really appreciate it if you were able to share this information with schools, churches and uniformed organisations that you have connections with and encourage them to sign up as well.

The following themes are highlighted in the six lessons produced by Welcare and endorsed by Fiona Foreman (RE Adviser & Wellbeing, Mental Health and Character Education Adviser at Southwark Diocesan Board of Education).

You can find more details on how you can run the Campaign, for fundraising activity ideas and general superhero activities in the following document.

What is the format of the lesson plans?
The lessons are based on 2 stories, one Bible character and a real life example from the work of Welcare with a local child or family. The characters are portrayed as superheroes and we learn about their stories, the difficulties they face and how they cope. Each individual story focuses on one positive mental health characteristic which is followed through the lesson and all the following activities are based on these strengths. As a teacher you can select which activities and which story/stories you would like to focus on. The stories are followed by a discussion and a range of activities that you can use, as appropriate.

If you are a teacher, and want to take part in #CapeAbility for Schools, get in touch via

If you would like to make a donation to support our campaigns, please click on the link below. We couldn’t do the work we do without the valued help of our supporters.

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Every child has the potential to be their own superhero.